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Winners' reactions

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Photo : - Jonathan BICHE


Julien Da Costa, Grégory Leblanc and Freddy Foray won the 35th edition of the '24 Heures Moto' on the Kawasaki n°11. Here are their reactions to their victory...

Julien Da Costa, rider of Kawasaki No. 11, 1st: "Sebastian (Gimbert) and Erwan (Nigon) are largely responsible for this victory ... They beat me for two years and that's what motivated me. But seriously, we worked a lot last winter, especially with Pirelli tyres."

Grégory Leblanc,  rider of Kawasaki No. 11, 1st: "The Bol d'Or and Le Mans 24 Hours ... This is a perfect year. We had to push throughout the race to resist the Suzuki. I will go and rest now. "

Freddy Foray, rider of Kawasaki  No. 11, 1st: "Three months ago I had an accident ... So it's amazing to be here! "

Gilles Stafler, Director of SRC Kawasaki, 1st: "This has been a very good season ... Not to say perfect.  will we race all the FIM World Championship Endurance next year? Nothing is decided yet ... we'll think about it. '

Vincent Philippe,  rider of Suzuki No. 1, 2nd: "This is my seventh title and I hope it is not the last. This weekend, our bike was perfect and we gave everything ... I'd love to win again at Le Mans ... So next year! "

Anthony Delhalle,  rider of Suzuki No. 1, 2nd: "It was a fight throughout the race against Kawasaki, but we aimed for the championship, it was not easy to let go completely."

Takuya Tsuda, rider of Suzuki No. 1, 2nd: "This is the first time I done this race and the first time I worked with a foreign team. Obviously, I'm very happy. I do hope to come back next year. "

Dominique Méliand, Director of Suzuki SERT, 2nd: "Winning the title, it was our wish ... But we could also have enjoyed winning the Le Mans 24 Hours! "

Sébastien Gimbert, rider of BMW No. 99, 3rd: "I came to win ... But we came across teams stronger than us. We still finished second in the FIM World Championship Endurance. We went very fast ... In fact, yesterday, I got a little excited (in reference to his fall). "

Damian Cudlin, rider of BMW No. 99, 3rd: "It is a great experience. This is my first podium at Le Mans. The team is very special because we're a real group of friends. We were very strong in qualifying but the race was different."

Erwan Nigon, rider of BMW No. 99, 3rd: "It is a satisfaction for BMW who have invested heavily for 3 years. At first, we came was a little fun. Today, everyone takes us seriously. We would have liked to beat Suzuki in the title race ... We missed. We will try next year."

Michael Bartholemy, Director of BMW Endurance, 3rd: "I'm a little disappointed. I always dreamed of winning this race. I'm still proud of the team. I hope we come back next year to put on such a great spectacle."

Julien Hergault

Photo : CIRCUIT BUGATTI (LE MANS, SARTHE), 24 HEURES MOTO, PODIUM, 9 SEPT  2012. Grégory Leblanc, Freddy Foray and Julien Da Costa surround Gilles Stafler.

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